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Pantone Color of the Year
Pantone 18-3838 Ultra Violet

Jan 15, 2018

Purple is a beautiful color, and in fact one of my favorites ( I have a favorite to wear – salmon, a favorite for my home – slate grey, and a favorite to look at – purple)  And my favorite flower is the ocean song rose, a lovely lavender rose that opens beautifully.  And of course the most fragrant flowers of spring also come in lavender – hyacinth and lilacs!  While I have lived in Florida for over 10 years now the fragrance of these beautiful lavender flowers can never be forgotten!  So this year we are embracing the color of the year!
If you have recently been to a wedding and you are planning a wedding yourself you may feel as if you have seen a few purple weddings recently.  With Pantone color of the year 2014 being Radiant Orchid it may seem like purple has been part of every wedding you’ve seen. The good thing is that there are many ways to design with the color purple.
Check out some of these shades of purple below:

Royal Purple

There are vibrant purples, deep and regal in color and very powerful.  These are vibrant and gorgeous and can really make a statement.  Due to the work put forth in early textile development to make the color purple it became associated with wealth and royalty because very often the rich were the only individuals who could afford such expensive items.


There are pastel purples like lavender, lilac, and violet.  Often confused for just another shade of purple, lavender is its own distinct family of colors.  These are soft and elegant, a timeless color pallet that illustrates romance.  It is a sweet soft color that embraces feminine energy, romance, and nostalgic youthful feelings.  It also inspires the thought processes of imagination, creativity, and because of its association with springtime, the optimistic beginning of new stages in life.

Purple in Nature

The newest collection of purple hues is the earth toned purples.  These are by far my favorite and new to the market.  These purples remind me of mountains in the morning, the color of clouds at sunset, fields of wildflowers (especially lavender), the colors of autumn, and the list goes on.  This isn’t a natural color but one that is created by unique blends of colors and lighting.  These hues have a beautiful blend of purples that can be incorporated with so many beautiful combinations of other colors including greens, sand, mauve, wine and blush/pinks.  Truly the possibilities are endless.  This color collection lends to the garden, bohemian, and vintage styles of design.


Stay tuned for additional information and design tips on incorporating any shade of purple into your wedding day.

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